Matrix L33

For the fastest, darkest, longest-lasting tan with the least chance of burning, the Matrix L33 is the ultimate choice. The Matrix is a high pressure tanning bed, high pressure refers to the type of lamp used and means that most of the UVB rays, or “burning rays”, are filtered out. Consequently, you are exposed to almost all UVA rays or the rays that produce the golden brown tan. This allows even those with the most sensitive or easily burned skin the opportunity to develop a nice bronze tan. It is also ideal for those who need to develop a tan in a short time period or need the tan to last longer than a tan in a traditional tanning bed.

Matrix V28

Upgrade to First Class with our state-of-the-art High Pressure Matrix V28 Stand-Up booth. Industry Choice Award winning High-Pressure was brought in from Italy and is the best booth you will ever tan in. Matrix V28 is a vertical solarium designed around the body, offering an exceptional sensation of sunbathing. Its uniform emission from tanning lamps arranged all round the body permits the perfect distribution of radiations, halving session times and fully respecting the skin. Matrix V28 offers the most advanced technology for tanning and gives you a deeper, darker tan that lasts four times as long. You only need to tan 2-3 times a month to maintain a base tan, or weekly to keep getting darker.

Ergoline 650

Get the best of both worlds with this high powered tanning bed. The 650 is a hybrid tanning bed which means it is a combination of high pressure and low pressure lamps, think of it as a cross between the Ergoline Affinity 500 and the Matrix. The advantage to this type of bed is that it gives the tanner a Deep Bronze Colour quickly. This bed will also put a lot of focus on the face and chest area. The Ergoline 650 is ideal for the tanner who is looking for an instant glow, and it gets better! It is typical to develop a deep bronze tan in half the time of a basic tanning bed.

MegaSun Pure Energy

In the beginning there was a dream, of a completely new sun shower, of a completely new design. And now this dream has become reality: megaSun Pure Energy. With its fascinating appearance and innovative technology, this is the shining centre of attention. No role model, no compromises – from head to toe an original megaSun. Sometimes the head decides, sometimes the heart. Why not listen to both – with the megaSun Tower Pure Energy.

Ergoline Affinity 500

The Affinity 500’s 43 Turbo Power UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance facial tanners will impress any tanning enthusiast. The standard reflector neck tanner and optional shoulder tanner result in the perfect all-over tan. The comfort level in this sunbed is extraordinary for its class. A new Body Shape acrylic, with its extra-wide surface, allows clients an amazing amount of movement so they can find just the right position. In addition, the Comfort Cooling ventilation is continuously adjustable and keeps tanners cool.


An incredible Standing European Tanning Bed that will give you a great tan with as little as 1 to 5 sessions and will help you achieve a natural golden tan in 6 to 9 minutes! A worthy upgrade from the low pressure! Standing up allows you to completely eliminate any tanning lines on the sides of your body and any other hard to reach areas!

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